Our Services

Headlight Restoration

$49.99 & up with a free car wash.

Express Wash

Express Wash #1

Exterior of vehicle washed, towel dried. A quick way to touch up the exterior of your vehicle before a meeting, lunch or whatever it is that keeps you going. Never leave the comfort of your vehicle.

Express # 2

Express Wash, Triple Foam, Spot-Free Rinse, Wheel Cleaner, Tire Dressing.

Express # 3

Express # 2 and Double Bond with Teflon, Rain-X

Full Service Wash

Full Service Wash

Vehicle is vacuumed inside, windows cleaned in and out and the exterior of the vehicle is washed and dried. Door jambs wiped, dashboard and instrument panel dusted.

The Creek

Full service wash PLUS Triple Foam Conditioner, Underbody Wash and Air Freshner. Includes 48 hour clean car guarantee.

The Stream

The Creek Wash PLUS Wheel Cleaner, Tire Dressing, Spot-Free rinse. Includes 48 hour clean car guarantee.

The River

The Stream Wash PLUS Double Bond with Teflon, Rain-X, Exterior Dressing. Includes 48 hour clean car guaratee.

The Falls

The River Wash PLUS Creme Protectant applied to dash, doors and center console. Includes 48 hour clean car guarantee.

Detail Services

All detail services include The Stream Full service wash

Carpet Shampoo

This service removes non-permanent stains from the carpeted area of your vehicle. Includes cleaning of your floormats as well.

Interior Super Clean

This process is a detailed cleaning of the vehicle’s interior. Carpets and upholstery are vacuumed, a detailed cleaning of windows, dashboard, center console and leather or vinyl on the doors. Then a creme protectant is applied to the dash, doors and console area.

Express Wax

A special one-step polishing process, this procedure restores depth, shine and a rich gloss on your vehicle’s finish. A Carnauba based wax is buffed into your car’s painted surface, and serves as a sunscreen to prevent damage from UV rays.

Seat Shampoo

This service removes non-permanent stains from the cloth seats in your vehicle.

Leather Seats Cleaned and Conditioned 

This service removes non-permanent stains from the leather seats in your vehicle after which we apply a leather protectant.

We offer a full range of detailing services from preventative maintenance and paint restoration to full detailing inside and out. 


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